Corporate Responsibility

Alliance Group Microfinance Organization considers that corporate social responsibility is a fundamental business goal, and primary focus in our daily activities.  AGM’s internal policies ensure that discrimination of all kinds will be avoided, and that AGM will respect human & labour rights, gender equality, environmental protection, and transparency and accountability.  AGM is committed to act responsibly on behalf of future generations to ensure economic, environmental and social progress.

AGM implements the following policies:

  • To be objective, consistent and fair with all stakeholders;
  • To consider AGM’s impact on employees, contractors, the local community and all others affected by its operations;
  • To conduct charity and sponsorship activities in target communities;
  • To prevent over-indebtedness of clients and increase awareness of financial ramifications of borrowings;
  • To ensure transparency of pricing and clarity in all contracts/documentation;
  • To employ adequate and ethical loan recovery methods and indebtedness collection practices, and maintain efficient procedures for handling customer complaints;
  • To ensure the privacy of client relationships and confidentiality of customer information;
  • To focus growth in the agricultural sector and among women and IDP clients in poor communities; and
  • To recognize and, as appropriate, promote social development objectives.

On March 12, 2014 Alliance Group Microfinance Organization signed a Code of Ethics developed by the Association of Microfinance of Georgia. To see the full version of the document, click the link: Code of Ethics


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