The primary mission of the company is to actively contribute to the development of the small business and rural sectors in Georgia, because sustainable development of these important sectors will increase employment and raise standards of living in Georgia. We realize that sustainable development requires access to affordable financing for all members of society and especially those living outside big cities and towns.

AGM has identified three target sectors/borrower groups where the company is focusing its lending, and which have excellent social performance characteristics. There is a considerable overlap between each of these sectors/borrower groups, leading to greater opportunities to achieve positive social impacts through lending and provide education and assistance to AGM clients.

The company strives to improve its services and increase its outreach to protect the rights of its customers and to assist in their development through financial support and technical assistance while providing rewarding career opportunities for its employees.

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47/57 M. Kostava Str.
Tel: 242 2000
1 Kikalishvili str.
Tel: 242 2000 (2600)
2 I. Abashidze str.
Tel: 242 2000 (2800)
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