27/03/2015 Alliance Group Microfinance Organization’s Statement on the Resignation of the Supervisory Board Chairman

Mr. Hansjorg Kessler’s contract with Alliance Group Holding has expired recently. As his contractual obligations and goals have been met during the contractual period, Mr. Kessler has resigned from his post as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Alliance Group Microfinance Organization.
Mr. Kessler had served as a Chairman of the Supervisory board since November, 2012. Mr. Kessler has been a main force in driving the social agenda at the company and has successfully negotiated partnership with several key social investors. Mr. Kessler has strengthened, reformed and revitalized the social mission of the company and oversaw a more rigorous enforcement and execution of social ending.
“The Company and the other members of our Board would like to thank Mr. Kessler for this support and contribution as Chairman over these years”, Mr. Aieti Kukava, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, said. “We are extremely grateful to Mr. Kessler for this devotion and hard work in promoting AGM to the international arena. We strongly believe that Mr. Kessler will remain a strong advocate of microfinance industry and use his experience and passion to improve access to finance for the most vulnerable groups of society around the world, especially in the emerging economies.”
The Company and the Board are currently evaluating alternatives with respect to appointing a  replacement. In the interim, Mr. Kukava will step in as interim Chairman of the Board.

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